Narembekova Aiken Kamzaevna

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Faculty: Mechanical Engineering

Academic degree: Candidate of Technical Sciences

Position: Associate Professor of the Department of Nanotechnology and Metallurgy


Narembekova Aiken Kamzaevna, was born on June 15, 1959 in the Karaganda region of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kazakh, higher education. After graduating from high school in 1976, she entered the Karaganda State University at the Faculty of Chemistry. In 1977, she began working at the Chemical and Metallurgical Institute of the Kazakh SSR Academy of Sciences, combining work with university studies. In 1982 she graduated from Karaganda State University with a degree in Chemistry. The qualification “Chemist. Teacher”

In the period from 1989 to 1991, she studied at the postgraduate course of the Chemical and Metallurgical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR in the specialty “Metallurgy of non-ferrous metals”.

In June 2004, she defended her dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences in the specialty 05.16.02 – Metallurgy of ferrous, non-ferrous and rare metals” on the topic “Hydrolytic separation of copper and nickel in the processing of copper electrofining solutions”.

The obtained theoretical and technological results of the dissertation work are essential for solving the problem of extraction and separation of copper and nickel from spent solutions of copper electrofining. The proposed processing methods have passed industrial tests at Kazakhmys enterprises. The work was carried out in accordance with the topic “Research of ion separation processes in electrolyte solutions, formation of solid phases and development of technologies for the integrated use of secondary raw materials and industrial waste of Central Kazakhstan”, carried out within the framework of task 4.06.03. of the State plan of economic and social development of the USSR and within the framework of the state budget themes of the RC NTP (cipher Ts0048.09) “Integrated use mineral raw materials based on energy-saving high-efficiency technologies in the mining and metallurgical complex”.

The main direction of scientific research of A.K. Narembekova is the development of physico-chemical bases for the extraction and separation of non-ferrous metals from hard-to-process raw materials and industrial waste of non-ferrous metallurgy enterprises in Kazakhstan.

Narembekova A.K. is the responsible executor of research work under the budget program: “Scientific and technological support for the rational use of mineral resources and man-made waste of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy with the production of products in demand by the domestic industry”, under the project: “Development of technologies for complex processing of technological solutions with the production of copper-rich concentrate for slag-free melting”. The project implementation dates are 2015-2017. The work is carried out on the basis of the Chemical and Metallurgical Institute named after Zh.Abishev.

From 2004-2008, she worked as a manager of the Center for advanced Training of the Kazakh-Russian University.

From 2008 to 2014, she worked at the Modern Humanitarian and Technical Institute as an associate professor of the Department, executive secretary of the admissions committee, and since 2011 – Head of the Department of Computer Science and Chemical Technology of the SSTI (now the Central Kazakhstan Academy).

Narembekova A.K. has about 50 scientific papers, including 2 textbooks, 3 copyright certificates of the USSR, 6 innovative patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan and 3 articles in the journal “RussianJournalofGeneralChemistry”

with the TompsonReauters impact factor.

In 1988 she graduated from the special Faculty of Ecology and Improving the Efficiency of Natural Resources Use of Leningrad State University, in 2013 she completed an internship at the Ural Federal University named after the First President of Russia B.N.Yeltsin (Yekaterinburg) under the program “Atomic Adsorption Spectral Analysis”.

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Scientific works:

Integration of autoclave leaching for the production of non-ferrous metals from off-balance ores by hydrometallurgy