Kuznetsova Yuliya Aleksandrovna

Кузнецова Ю.А.

Faculty of power engineering, automation and telecommunications

Senior Lecturer

Master of Physics

In 1991 she graduated from the Karaganda Order of the Red Banner of Labor Polytechnic Institute with a degree in mining mechanical engineering. Upon graduation, KPTI worked in the design department of the Karaganda Scientific Research and Design Institute KNIUI. In 2001 she entered and in 2004 she graduated from the full-time postgraduate study at KSTU with a degree in Mining Machines and Complexes. Since 2003 – teacher at the department of physics at KSTU, since 2006 – senior teacher at the same department.
Many times she improved her skills in improving pedagogical skills and using ICT in education. In 2015, she graduated with honors from the magistracy in the KarSU named after. Buketov specialty “Physics”. He has more than 80 educational and scientific works, including electronic learning resources (textbooks, video lectures, etc.).

Contact information: Phone: 8 (7212) 56-59-32 (ext.2027)

The use of elements of distance technology in full-time study of the physics of bachelors of technical specialties

Getting hardening nanostructured coatings

METHODICAL INDICATIONS for laboratory work: No. 4.8. Examination of the external photo effect

Physics 1