Kulpeisova Tamara Sekizhanovna

Кульпеисова Т

Faculty: Architecture and construction
Faculty: Russian language and culture
Degree: Candidates of Philological Sciences
Position: Associate Professor

1970-1974 – Karaganda State University, Faculty of Philology, specialty “Branch of Language and Literature”, philologist. teacher;
2010 – Shokan Ualikhanov. Candidates of Philological Sciences of Kokshetau State University are preparing a dissertation for a degree
Scientific and methodological work:
More than 60 scientific and educational works, including 9 textbooks, impact factor of scientific articles, etc.

  • Three. Pos. “Professional Russian” for students of economic specialties. Karaganda: Bolashak-baspa: 2012. – 145p.
  • Visiting artists at the Russian language lesson. Textbook for students of the Kazakh department. Karaganda “Bolashak-Baspa” 2012 – 175 years
  • 5В020400 – teaching aid “Intercultural communication” for students majoring in cultural studies. Karaganda “Bolashak-Baspa” 2013 – 140 years
  • Monograph “Socio-symbolic behavior of communicators in the process of interaction (sociocognitive-pragmatic aspect)”. Karaganda Bolashak-Paspa. 2014 12.5 pages. Kazakh language. Electron. educational tool. Karaganda, 2014
  • Professional Kazakh language (intended for pharmacy students). Educational tool. Karaganda, 2014. 6 p.
  • Textbook “Russian language” 2nd edition for students of higher educational institutions. Kulpeisova T.S. G.K. Ayupova, M.S. Baikadamov. Astana 2018.2018 309s. “Professional Russian language” for students of the specialty 5B011700-: Kazakh language and literature. Karaganda Bolashak– 2019.
  • Textbook. Russian language. Level C1. Karaganda. TAKE THEM. Saginova A. 2022 109 p.

Creator of digital content (course of video lessons) in the specialties “Russian language”, “Professional-oriented Russian language”. Provides scientific guidance to students participating in international, republican and regional scientific conferences. undergoing advanced training courses.

Scientific interests:
Professionally oriented teaching of the Russian language
Modern methods of teaching the Russian language
Internal phone: 2046