Kucherenko Alexander Viktorovich


Kucherenko Alexander Viktorovich

Senior lecturer (part-time, 20%), «Karaganda Zharyk» LLP, leading engineer of substation service (full-time, 80%)

Education: Karaganda State Technical University. Specialty «Power supply and electrification». Qualification – electrical engineer, 2004-2009. Work experience: Electrician, «Karaganda Zharyk» LLP, 2003-2005, Technician of the first category of «Karaganda Zharyk» LLP, 2005-2007, leading engineer of «Karaganda Zharyk» LLP 2007- present.

Main research interests: energy conservation, electric power industry.

Subjects and courses taught by a teacher:

• Electric power industry,

• * Fundamentals of electrical safety and high voltage engineering.