Kozhanov Murat Galiaskarovich

КожановKozhanov Murat Galiaskarovich

Faculty of Innovative Technologies
Academic degree: No
Academic title: Master
Position: Senior Lecturer


Kozhanov Murat Galiaskarovich assistant, master. The first graduate in “Information Security Systems”. In 2016, he graduated from the magistracy with a degree in Computer Engineering and Software at Karaganda State Technical University.

The area of ​​scientific and engineering interests is knowledge management based on a domain ontology model at the junction of several specialties (IT-medical, IT-architect). Plans to develop a system for designing educational programs at the junction of several areas: IT-medical, IT-architect, etc.

Total work experience, together with training is 10 years.
Has publications in collections and scientific journals.

Эл. почта Телефон
spark.2011@mail.ru  56-59-32, вн.2054