Kiseleva Galina Vladimirovna



Full name, date of birth: Kiseleva Galina Vladimirovna, April 11, 1983 year of birth.

Work experience: the general experience is 13 years, the scientific and pedagogical experience is 13 years.

Position: Senior Lecturer of the Department “Transport equipmentand Logistics Systems”.

What university, for what specialty and when he graduated: Karaganda State Technical University, “Cars and Automobile Economy” in 2005, “Accounting and Auditing” in 2013.

Academic degree, academic title, academic degree: Master of Technical Sciences in the specialty “Transport, transport equipment and technology”, 2014, KSTU.

Work in departments, including dates of employment and positions held:

2006-2007 – Assistant of the department “Automobile Transport”

2007-2010 – Lecturer, Department of Automobile Transport

2010-2014 – Senior Lecturer of the Department “Automobile Transport”

2014-2015 – Senior Lecturer of the department “Transport equipment and traffic organization”

2015 to the present – Senior Lecturer of the Department “Transport equipment

and Logistics Systems”.

Main research interests:

The study of the latest techniques: computer diagnostics of engines and automatic transmissions on modern equipment; study of modern telematics devices and systems.

Main publications:

Published 5 scientific papers, 8 abstracts, 1 article RISC, 2 textbooks released.

Items read in the school year:

Car service and corporate service, Fundamentals of technical operation of TT, Resource saving during maintenance and maintenance of vehicles, Reliability of TT, Technology and mechanization of loading and unloading, Transport telematics, Management of transport systems, Vehicles and loading and unloading.


2015 – internship at LLP “Bus Depot No. 3″;

2016 – course of the training seminar “Innovative technologies in educational activities of KSTU”;

2017 – internship at “Virazh Service Kazakhstan” LLP in Karaganda.

Contact details: office. 56-59-32 (ext. 2049) 

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