Kanat Fariza Yerkebulankyzy

Приложение 3

Full name, date of birth: Kanat Fariza Yerkebulankyzy, November 17, 1997.

Work experience: total experience is 3 years, scientific and pedagogical experience is 1 year.

Position: Assistant of the Department of «Industrial Transportnamed after Professor A.N. Daniyarov».

What university, for what specialty and when he graduated from: Karaganda State Technical University, «Organization of transport, traffic and transport operation» in 2019.

Academic degree, academic title:Master of Science in the specialty 7M11301 – «Organization of transport, traffic and transport operation», 2021, Map.

Work in departments, including dates of employment and positions held:

2019-2021 – methodologist of the Center for Social and Legal Development of the Department of Youth Policy;

2021 – present – Assistant of the Department of «Industrial Transportnamed after Professor A.N. Daniyarov».

Main research interests:

Industrial transport, plate conveyor, mechanization of loading and unloading operations.

Main publications:

10 scientific papers have been published, including 5 abstracts, 2 articles – COXON, 1 innovative patent, 2 SIS.

Items read in the academic year:General course of transport, Organization of transportation and traffic management, Passenger transportation Management, Fundamentals of design of transport devices and structures, Organization of cargo and commercial work, Automation, telemechanics and communications, Construction and operation of the track, Innovative technologies of transportation organization, Research and design of railways.


May 17-28, 2021 – courses «Traffic safety management»

October 11-29, 2021 – internship at Kaztransprommash Company LLP, Karaganda

November 22-26, 2021 – «Improvement of pedagogical skills», KTU

17.01.2022 to 05.02.2022 – advanced training at the Institute of Additional Education of SibADI «Modeling of transport processes».

Contact details: working phone 56-24-32, kanat_fariza@mail.ru