Ischenko Alexander Petrovich

Ищенко А.П.


Full name, date of birth: Ischenko Alexander Petrovich, September 17, 1960, b.

Work experience: total work experience of 38 years, scientific and pedagogical experience of 35 years.

Position: Associate Professor of the Department “Transport equipment

and Logistics Systems”

What university, for what specialty and when he graduated from: Karaganda Polytechnic Institute, specialty “Automobiles, automobile industry” in 1982

Academic degree, academic title: Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Work in departments, including dates of employment and positions held:

1982 – 1989 – Art. engineer, ml Researcher of the research institute KarPTI;

1989 – 1990 – Art. teacher of the department of RCM;

1990 – 2014 – Associate Professor;

2014– to present – Associate Professor of the Department “Transport equipment

and Logistics Systems”

Main research interests: Development of working bodies of road-building machines, research of load-lifting machines. He was directly involved in the design, manufacture and testing of a number of machines: a slope planning machine, a slope compaction machine, a drainage machine, a potato planter, a potato harvester. Technical solutions of these machines are protected by 2 copyright certificates and 6 patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Published more than 80 scientific papers, of which 1 monograph, 3 articles – RISC, 2 copyright certificates and 9 patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 1 SIS; 1 study guide.

Items read in the school year:

“Lifting Machines”, “Transporting Machines”, “Loading and Unloading Machines”, “Organization and Economics of Transport and Technological Complexes”, “Supply Chain Management”, “Transportation in Supply Chains”, “Mathematical Models of the Hydraulic Components of Working Equipment”


March 2015 – internship at Karaganda Zholdary LLP

May 2018 – course “Planning the strategic development of the university”

Contact details: office. 59-59-32 (ext. 2040)

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