Baizhumanova Nazira Sabyrovna

Байжумаеова Н.С.

Education – higher vocational training

Senior Lecturer of the Department of ANK and SHD Master of Pedagogy.

Information about current educational activities (list of subjects read): – pedagogical management in the system of vocational training – pedagogy, professional pedagogy

- innovative technologies and technical teaching aids – pedagogical research in vocational education – the legal framework for vocational education, the organization of modular training in vocational education.

Information about scientific activity: the number of articles of KKSON – 15, abstracts of international, republican and regional status – 30, educational and methodological complexes – 20, textbook – 6, educational and methodological recommendations – 10.

Total work experience – 15 years

Pedagogical experience – 14 years

Official contact information e-mail: