Adamova Gulden Hasenovna

Адамова Гульден


Faculty: engineering

Academic degree: master of technical Sciences

Academic title: assistant

Position: assistant of the Department ” Nanotechnology and metallurgy»


Adamova Gulden Hasenovna, was born on January 18, 1992 in Karaganda region of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kazakh, higher education, in 2013 graduated with honors from Karaganda state technical University, specialty “materials Science and technology of new materials”.Specialist in metallurgy, nanotechnology and materials science. In the period from 2014 to 2016, she studied at the magistracy degree of Karaganda state technical University, specialty “materials Science and technology of new materials”. In 2015, in the period from April 4 to April 20, she held an internship at the Czech Polytechnic University (Czech Republic, Prague) on her master’s topic and published 4 articles. In 2016, June 15 successfully defended her master’s thesis on ” development of technology for the use of new materials based on rubber crumbs in the coating of asphalt roads.” From 1 September 2016 are adopted to work on the NTM Department for the position of assistant curator of the group MV-16-1. Adamova G. H. has more than 10 printed scientific and methodical works, including 1 article in the journal “Young scientist” (Moscow)

Internal phone: 1082

Email address:


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