Kenzhebek Aksaule Serikbaevna

Кенжебек фото
Faculty of Energy, Automation and Telecommunications

Department of “Energy Systems”

Position: Lecturer of the department “Energy Systems”

Academic title: Master of Engineering and Technology in the specialty “Heat Power Engineering”




Graduated in 2017 with honors from Karaganda State Technical University with a degree in Instrument Engineering, in 2019 with a master’s degree in Thermal Power Engineering.

In 2017-2018, she worked as a methodologist at the Federal State Educational Institution, from September 2018 to January 2019 as a laboratory assistant at the Department of “Energy Systems”. In 2019, from February to August, she worked as an engineer at the Department of “Energy Systems”, from September 2019 she was transferred to the position of assistant at the Department of “Energy Systems”.

Responsible for the UMK at the department, conducts laboratory and practical classes in the subjects:

“Theoretical foundations of electrical engineering”
“Theory of electrical circuits”
“Turbine installations”
“Climate change and green energy”
“CAD in thermal power engineering”
“Hydraulic calculation of thermal networks”
“Electrical stations and substations”
“Electrical Engineering”
has been published in co-authorship of 5 scientific articles and reports, one electronic educational publication has been developed, 2 certificates of state registration of copyright rights have been obtained.

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