Syzdykov Alpys Kosarbekovich

Сыздыков Алпыс Косарбекови

Faculty of power engineering, automation and telecommunications

Senior teacher

Graduated from the Moscow institute of steel and alloys (MISIS) in 1984 as “A physicist of dielectrics and semiconductors”.

In 1984 it was enlisted in NIS of department of physics of KARGTU. After the termination of a postgraduate study it was transferred to a position of the teacher of department of physics. Issued more than 15 scientific and methodical publications.
Main field of scientific research: control methods of process of growth of crystals and optical control methods of high-speed processes.
Carries out all types of studies for students of day and correspondence offices at the high methodical level, with attraction of modern means and methods of training, has the published manuals and methodical instructions on physics.
Now is a performer of an initiative state budgetary subject on problems of the higher school and also one of organizers of works on the analysis and improvement of test control methods of knowledge of entrants and students. Actively is engaged in development and deployment of EUR. For many years directs research work of students, preparation for the republican student’s Olympic Games on physics.
Since 2009 Satpayev is the active participant of professional orientation work among school students and graduates of colleges of the cities of Kokshetau, Zhezkazgan.

Contact information: Phone number: 8 (7212) 56-59-32 (ext. 2027)


Scientific works

Research of influence of parameters of laser radiation on structure of films of dioxide of the titan

Reduction of weight of the fiber light guide at distribution in it laser radiation

“Physics”, “Physics 1″ Electricity. Determination of unknown resistance by Uitstona method 39. Studying of electrostatic field Physics 1