Zhumabay Aidana Rymbekkyzy


Education: higher education, specialty “information security Systems”, qualification
“laboratory Assistant” (2015), master’s degree in “Computer engineering and software” (2016)
Disciplines taught: computer networks, protection of network information technologies, system
programming, design of information security systems, information and communication
technologies, etc. work time in this University 5 months
Certificates of professional development:
1. Internship program “Information technology in education”, Czech agrarian University
Certificate or professional Registration: computer program, creation of web pages in HTML / /
certificate of state registration for the object of copyright No. 3301, may 14, 2019.
The most important publications and presentations of the last 5 years:
1. “Principles of noise-resistant coding” international scientific and practical conference:
“Integration of science, education and production-the basis for the implementation of the national
Plan” December 10-11, 2015, Part 4. Karaganda state technical University. Karaganda: karstu
Publishing house, 2015, co-authors: Saylaukyzy Zh. Sadykov A. A. Amireuly U.
2. “Aparaty Gielen analytically saposin Baalu and aupisg beality of tekhnologiyalar”
Kazakhstan, Works of the University, No. 1, 2015
3. “Methods of building information and analytical systems” international scientific journal
“Young scientist”, № 4 (108) / 2016 – 50 C