Zhukebayeva Tulesh Zhukebayenva


Faculty: Mechanical Engineering

Academic degree: Candidate of Technical Sciences

Academic rank: Docent (Associate Professor)

Position: Docent (Associate Professor)



Zhukebayeva Tulesh Zhukebayenva, docent (Associate Professor) of the Department “Metallurgy and nanotechnology” of the Karaganda State Technical University, Candidate of Technical Sciences, education – higher technical.

After graduating from secondary school №3 of the city of Karaganda, she entered the Karaganda Polytechnic Instituteto the specialty “Metallurgy of ferrous metals”. In 1963 she was left to work as an assistant in the department of “Metallurgy of cast iron”.

In 1966-1969 she studied at the graduate school of the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. After defending the candidate dissertation, she works at the Department of “Foundry” as a senior lecturer, and then since 1971 as a docent (Associate Professor) to the present.

During the all years of work at KSTU associate professor Zhukebayeva T.Zh. was engaged in educational-methodical, scientific and research work of the department and faculty. She developed educational-methodical complexes for the following disciplines: “Foundry alloys and smelting”, “Heat Treatment Theory”, “Metallography”, “Materials Science”.  NSoE and model curriculum for the discipline “Materials Science” of the “Standardization, Metrology and Certification (by industry)” specialty were developed. She is engaged in scientific supervision of master and bachelor students. Students of the specialty “Metallurgy” repeatedly have been the winners of the Republican Olympiad.

Scientific interest includes physical and chemical processes in the foundry-metallurgical industry. There are more than 100 of scientific works, articles and tutorials were written.

For conscientious work in the preparation of qualified specialists of mechanical engineering and metallurgy Zhukebayeva T.Zh. was awarded with the medal “For Labor Valor” (1976), honorary diplomas of the MES RK (1980), honorary diplomas of the Karaganda region’s Akim (2005 and 2013), and is the Honored Education Worker of KSTU (2019).

Work phone number: 8(7212)565935, in.1024

Internal phone: 1024

email address: t.zhukebaeva@mail.ru

Scientific works:
1. Исследование условий поверхностного модифицирования и легирования отливок из серого чугуна в литейной форме.
2. Образование сетки разгара на отливках из серого чугуна в условиях термоциклирования.
3. Износостойкие композиционные материалы работающие при повышенных температурах.
4. Материалтану
5. Теория металлургических процессов
6. Кристаллография и металлография
7. Конструкционды материалдар технологиясы және термоөңдеу
8. Термиялық өңдеулер теориясы және технологиясы
9. Литейные сплавы и плавка