Zhaylaubekov Medet Akmolaevich


Full name, date of birth: Zhaylaubekov Medet Akmolaevich, born in 1962

Work experience: total experience of 40 years, scientific and pedagogical experience is 9 years.

Position: Art. Teacher of the Department of “Transport equipment and logistics systems”

What university, for what specialty and when he graduated: 1985-1990. Karaganda Polytechnic Institute, specialty – “Construction and road machines”;

Academic degree, academic title: -

Work in departments, including dates of employment and positions held:

From October 2011 to the present Art. Lecturer, Department of “Transport equipment and logistics systems” KTU.

Main research interests: Improving the technological performance of transport equipment.

Main publications for the last academic year:

Issued 2 teaching instructions in the Kazakh language: 1 scientific article, 1 thesis reports of student work, 1 textbooks.

Subjects read in the academic year: Conducts lectures, practical and laboratory classes on the following subjects: “Fundamentals of manufacturing technology and TT restoration”, “Classification and TT devices”, leads the graduation works and production practice.

Advanced training: In the period from 2014 to 2016, he improved his skills on the following courses on the part of the following courses:

- “center of assistance to victims of destructive currents”, November 2014;

- on engineering pedagogy, December 2015;

- Basics of work with Autocad, January 2016.

- completed an internship on advanced training under the program “System for ensuring the performance of large-capacity buses” from June 6, 2016. on June 17, 2016, an internship at the base of AP №3 LLP in Karaganda.

Contact information: Work phone: 59-39-32, internal phone: 2049, akmmedet@mail.ru

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