Zhanzakov Karzhaubay Galimzhanovich



Full name, date of birth: Zhanzakov Karzhaubay Galimzhanovich, May 18, 1966.

Work experience: the general experience is 37 years, the scientific and pedagogical experience is 25 years.

Position: Senior Lecturer of the Department “Transport equipment and logistics systems”.

What university, for what specialty and when he graduated from: Karaganda State Technical University, “Engineer for transport organizations and transport management” in 1995.

Academic degree, academic title, academic degree: Senior lecturer

Work in departments, including dates of employment and positions held: Senior lecturer

1990-1998 – worked as an electrician “Karaganda-lift”

1999-2008 – platoon commander Karaganda Republican Military School named after T. Begildinov

2008-2011 – Deputy Head of the Department of Defense Affairs of the Shet district.

2012 to the present – senior lecturer of the department “Transport equipment and logistics systems”.

Main research interests:

Fuel Motor Development

Main publications:Supply chain risks, development of logistics services sector, transport Management.


September-December 2015 – Engineering Education Courses

01/20/2016-22.01.2016 – training seminar “Innovative technologies in educational activities of KSTU”


Work phone: 59-39-32 (2049), zhanz66@mail.ru

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