Zhanakov Kuanysh Alimzhanovich


Telephone:                              mobile +7 771 193 55 33

E-maill :                                   zhanakov.k@mail.ru

Nationality:                               Kazakh

Marital status:                         married


(1997 – 1999)                          KARAGANDA ECONOMIC UNIVERSITY OF


(1986 – 1993)                          KARAGANDA STATE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY

UNIVERSITY of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Work experience:

September 2017                    KARAGANDA STATE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY

UNIVERSITY, Senior Lecturer of the Department of SM & T in

June 2011                                POWER BETON LLP, plant for the production of concrete goods,

Karaganda. Director of the company since its inception. Personally

designed, orders shaft equipment, metal molds, made the installation

and launch of the plant. Specialization in the production of high-

voltage transmission lines SV-105. Power per day 80 pieces, on the

bench technology. Production is also mastered. Hollow slabs and other

reinforced concrete. Small concrete products made on the Turkish

automatic line NAMTAS.

(2006 – 2011)                        JSC “Karaganda plant of asbestos-cement products.”

Deputy General Director for New Technology 2006-2008

Designed, built and launched a process line for to production of

concrete goods: piles, rings, covers of wells, base blocks, cinder

blocks, snow retention fences.

Chief Engineer 2008 – 2011 Main responsibilities:

• ensuring the effective operation of asbestos-cement production

• monitoring compliance with industrial safety rules, occupational

health and safety at the enterprise

• interaction with authorized state bodies on industrial safety, labor

protection, fire prevention safety, environmental protection, industrial


He led the development of a new project for the production of clinker-

free cement based blast slags. Acting as General Director, gained

experience in managing an enterprise with more than 300 people

(1993 – 2006)                          Karagandastroykonstruktsiya LLP Master, Deputy shops for the

production of concrete goods. Gained experience in

Production of concrete products and industrial structures

and civil purposes


I own the procedure for obtaining permits for emissions into the environment, the procedure

obtaining a license for the purchase and use of precursors.

Freely own a personal computer as a user.

I have experience in implementing and working with the quality management system according to ISO 9000-2000 standards.

I have six years of experience in the implementation of concrete goods, organization of deliveries of concrete goods by rail transport.

Personally developed costing calculation of all produced reinforced concrete products. Developed and mastered the production of many special types of reinforced concrete, including manufacture of new metal forms on their own.

In 2015 he completed training and engineering personnel Kazakhstan at the leading enterprises of the scholarship program Bolashak.

I have a driver’s license cat. “B”, private car, driving experience – 20 years