Umirbekova Meruert

Умирбекова (2)
Master of pedagogical Sciences.

In 2014 she graduated from Karaganda state technical University, specialty 5B072000-Vocational training.

2014-2015 worked in the office of akim of Karaganda city, according to the position of inspector.

In 2015, she entered the magistracy and in 2017 defended her thesis for the degree of master of pedagogical Sciences in the specialty 6M072000-Vocational training

In 2015 working in the University. Author of more than 15 scientific works. Currently-teacher of the Department “Professional education and pedagogy”.

Official contact details – B. Mira, 56, building № 1, tel. 56-52-33, e-mail:

Scientific and educational works (references):

 List of scientific works (Список трудов)