Tugambekova Marksiana Alpysbaevna

Тугамбекова Марксиана Алпысбаевна_преподаватель каф ИЯ

Tugambekova Marksiana Alpysbaevna was born on the 16 th of September in 1960 in the village of Karagaily in Karkaralinsk district.

In 1977 I graduated 10 classes of secondary school №1 and entered the Institute of Foreign languages in Alma-ATA. In 1982, after graduation I was sent to work in the village of Karagaily in Karkaralinsk district as a teacher of a foreign language. In 1994 I moved to Karaganda, worked at the State University named E. A. Buketov and in other educational institutions too. Currently I work at the State Technical University in Karaganda.


Research work


1. Scientific journal «Science and education» №9 (10) 2017. Russia ISSN 2542-081X scientific article «Problems of implementation of multilingual education in Kazakhstan»

2. Scientific journal «Pedagogy & Psychology. Theory and practice», 2018g. , If-0.343 (Global Impact Factor, Australia) «Problems of Implementation of multilateral education in the Republic of Kazakhstan»

3. XVI international scientific – practical conference «Promising research – 2018», in: OOD Belgrad-BG 15-22 February 2018

Sofia, Bulgaria

4. XLII international scientific and practical conference «Innovative technologies in transport, education, science» April 18, 2018. KazATK named after M. Tynyshbaev

Almaty, Kazakhstan

5. Regional scientific – practical conference «Tugan Zher-2018» may 18, 2018.

North Kazakhstan state University. Named after M. Kozybayev, Petropavlovsk

6. All-Russian scientific and practical conference «Modern trends in the development of fundamental and applied Sciences», Bryansk state University of engineering, Russia March 12, 2018.

7. V international student scientific and practical conference «Youth and science -2018» April 12, 2018. North Kazakhstan state University. Named After M. Kozybayev

g. Petropavlovsk

8. International scientific-practical conference «Integration of science, education and production – the basis of the national plan» (Saginov readings №10) June 14-15, 2018. KarSTU, Karaganda

Advanced training

1. Participation in the seminar (December, 2017) Certificate is available.

2. Participation in The international seminar “Problems and Prospects for multilingual Education development” on February 21, 2018. Certificate is available.

3. A series of Webinars in regional universal scientific library named after N.V. Gogol. Office of English Language Programs

Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs U.S. Department of State

American English Live: Teacher Development Series 1 – 6 Hours. Certificate is available.