Togaibayev Kaden

Тогайбаев Каден Бариевич

Candidate of economic Sciences, associate Professor, corresponding member, academician Of the international economic Academy of Eurasia, Professor Karstu
Graduate of Kazakh national University.Al-Farabi. Academician of the International economic Academy of Eurasia, the processor of the University. In 1995-2001 — Dean of the faculty of Economics and management. For achievements in pedagogical and scientific activities were encouraged by the commendations and awards (the medal “For valiant labor” to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lenin, the badge “excellence in education of Kazakhstan”, honorary diploma of MES of RK “certificate of merit”of the rector of the University). Author of a number of textbooks, scientific articles, guidelines.
Stages of improvement of transport and economic education in 1955-1987 under the leadership of academician A. S. Saginov and now

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