Sadyrbaeva Akmaral Mahmutovna


    date of birth:, 13/04/1975Е-mail:                             Marital status: Married

Position: senior lecturer

Education: Karaganda state technical University, specialty “Production of building materials, products and structures” 1993-1998
Qualification: Civil engineer technologist.In 2018 she defended her master’s thesisin specialty 6M073000 “Production of building materials, products and structures”, awarded the degree of master of technical Sciences
Experience:Production experience – 9 years2005-2007 LLP “nourhan” senior engineer of the plant reinforced concrete.

2007-2014 LLP “Karaganda Stroitel’naya laboratoriya” chief

Scientific and pedagogical experience -5 years

In September 2014 she was accepted as an assistant of the Department “Technology of building materials and products” Karstu.

In September 2015 she was appointed to the position of teacher of the Department “Technology of building materials and products” Karstu.

2016 – present – senior lecturer of the Department “Construction materials and technologies” of the University.

 Advanced training:- “Training seminar on engineering pedagogy” – Karaganda State Technical University

- “Production internship” – LLP “Karagandanerud»

- “Production internship” – KKK Beton LLP»

– “Research internship” – Caspian University of Almaty

 List of disciplines:

“Building ceramics”, “Binders”, “Building materials”, “Artificial building conglomerates”.


- Journal of Fundamental research, Russia, Moscow, № 2, 2016, part 2. c. 294-298. “”Investigation of the effect of complex hydrophobizing organo-mineral modifiers on the performance properties of heavy concrete” Rakhimov M. A.. Rakhimova G. M., Rakhimov, A. M., Imanov, E. K.

-Republican scientific-technical journal “University abecher -the works of the University” the University No. 1, 2017, p. 48-51. “Ceramically tatically Alu ushin the wollastonite kaolin aspirin, sinau” Seicean A.,A. D. Narova

- International scientific journal, Young scientist, Kazan. No. 16.1 (150.1), pp. 11-13 2017, “Kurylys kalendern jimbastard supaman Basara gies” ayapbergenov B. E., Beketov M. S.

- International journal of applied and fundamental research. Russia, Moscow №2, 2018, part 1. p. 17-22. “The influence of complex additives on the setting time of the cement paste and the structure of cement stone” Baijanov D. O., Khan M. A., Okisheva A. O., Divak L. A.


“Concrete and ceramically materiallar ndring, gobala” Publishing house KSTU,


training AIDS

- “Zhol jamindari” Publishing house KSTU, 2016

- “Concrete and ceramically Materialdary ndring, standartta and Metrology”. Karstu publishing house, 2018

 Additional information

 Possession of languages:

Kazakh – native;

Russian – fluent;

English – (with dictionary).