Rassuliyeva Sabina Kanatovna

Расулиева Сабина Канатовна_преподаватель каф ИЯ

My name is Sabina Rassuliyeva, and I was born in November, 1991. I took my elementary education as well as my secondary education at 18th General School in 2007. Then I went to college and graduated it in 2010 with an Interpreting specialty. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages which was awarded to me by Karaganda “Bolashak” University in 2013.  In 2018, I received my master’s degree in pedagogics from Karaganda State University named after academician E.A.Buketov.

During the five years of my experience I continue working as a teacher of English language in the sphere of education. As a teacher we constantly must upgrade our skills, so I did some teacher training courses while I was working at Karaganda College of Humanities.

I like travelling, reading, swimming in my free time and searching on the net to develop myself. I think that although we are teachers we also go on learning everyday and the life, itself, consists of life-long learning and the desire to learn.