Rakhimberlinova Zhanara Baltabaevna

Рахимберлинова Ж.Б.

Faculty: fit
Academic degree: candidate of chemical Sciences

Education: in 2001 she graduated from Karaganda state University. E. A. Buketova, specialty “Chemistry” with the qualification of chemist-teacher. In 2008 she defended her thesis for the degree of candidate of chemical Sciences on “Synthesis, reactivity and properties of chlorinated coals and their derivatives “.

2002 – the teacher of chemistry of school №59;
2004 – engineer of the laboratory “polymer Chemistry” of the Institute of organic synthesis and carbon chemistry;
2009-Junior researcher of the laboratory “Synthesis of biologically active substances” of the Institute of organic synthesis and carbon chemistry;
2010 – senior lecturer, Department of communication systems technology, Karaganda state technical University;
Since September 2014 – senior lecturer of the Department of Chemistry and chemical technologies of Karaganda state technical University;
From January 2017 to the present – associate Professor of the Department “Chemistry and chemical technologies” of Karaganda state technical University.
Field of research: synthesis of new biologically active substances based on natural compounds of plant origin and their synthetic analogues.
Publications: more than 50 works, including 4 manuals, 35 articles, 1 certificate of state registration of rights to the object of copyright, 1 patent for inventions.

2015 – awarded the Jubilee medal “100 years of academician A. S. Saginov” for a great contribution to the development of KSTU;

Work phone: 56-79-32
Email address: zhanara 1380@mail.ru