Ospanova Zhanna Zhangaliyevna


Position: teacher of the Department “communication systems and technologies»

Teaching experience: 10 years


1.School: higher, Karaganda Polytechnical College

Specialty: communication Networks and telecommunication systems

2.Educational institution: Karaganda state technical University

Specialty: radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications

3.Educational institution: RUSSIA or Tomsk state University

Qualification: master’s degree in Technical physics

List of articles:

Ospanova Zh. Zh. Modernization of the Karaganda zonal section-Youth / / international youth scientific conference “Actual problems of modern mechanics of continuous media and celestial mechanics”/Tomsk 2013. Scientific publication.SB.St. according to the materials.

Ospanova Zh. Zh. Modeling of the processes of gas-dust mixture motion in the space with a forest protection strip/ / Numerical methods, algorithms, programs and exact solutions of continuum mechanics problems [Text]: materials Of the international youth scientific conference “Actual problems Of M43 modern continuum mechanics and celestial mechanics” November 17-19, Tomsk 2014:/ Scientific publication.- 63C. ISBN 978-5-7511-2317-8

Ospanova Zh. Zh. Modeling of gas-dust mixture motion in space with a forest protection strip//proceedings Of the 9th International conference “Chaos and structures in nonlinear systems.Theory and experiment”, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of academician E. A. Buketov. Ed.Hag them.E. A. Buketova, 2015.- 530c. ISBN978-9965-39-270-2

Ospanova Zh. Zh., moldagalieva A. A. communication Troops during the great Patriotic War / / Proceedings of the Republican student research conference ” development of the communication industry during the great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.d.” Families 2018.- 106s.

Professional development in the field of education:

certificate training courses on the program “Техникалық және кәсіптік білім беру ұйымы арнайы пәндер оқытушысының кәсіби құзыреттілігін жетілдіру” (Kazakhstan, Temirtau 2017); certificate for listening the course “Basics of mechatronics” (Russia, Ekaterinburg 2014);certificate of completion of courses for accountants in accordance with Accounting standards and the Standard chart of Accounts the basics of “1C:Accounting” (Enterprise 8.2) (Kazakhstan, Karaganda 2013); certificate of internship at the enterprise UPTS UD JSC “Arcelormittaltemirtau” (Kazakhstan, Karaganda, 2013).


- Digital wireless technology;

 - Theory of transmission of electromagnetic waves;

- Power supply of electronic communication and telecommunication systems;

- Radio transmitters of mobile communication systems.


Моделирование процессов движения газопылевой смеси 

Об аддитивной разностной схеме для расчета на кластере теплового состояния многослойного ортотропного кольца