Nugmanov Almas Tanasovich


Acting deputy head of the military department

for educational and ideological work, lieutenant colonel

In 1997, he graduated from KSTU with a degree in mining machinery and equipment, as well as from the military department at KSTU with a military-accounting specialty “Combat use of medium tank units” and courses of educational officers at the Almaty Higher Military School in 2003. He served in the Armed Forces in the motorized rifle division, in military units of the regional commands “Astana”, “West” and in the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces.

In accordance with GOSO and TUPami Nugmanovym A.T. The UMKD for VUS-800100 “Organization of educational and ideological work in the Ground Forces” was developed, updated and approved.

Has been working at the military department since September 2017.

He was awarded medals for excellent service and anniversary medals.