Novikova Lyudmila Kirillovna


Faculty Mountain

Department of Geology and Mineral Prospecting

Academic degree Candidate of Technical Sciences

Position senior teacher

Novikova Lyudmila Kirillovna Senior Lecturer of the Department of the GMPI. Born in the Orenburg region, in the family of a military officer.

Novikova Lyudmila Kirillovna began her labor activity in p / o Ekibastuzugol, after graduating from the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute with honors in 1982. In 1985 she entered the graduate school of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Geomechanics and Surveying (VNIMI) in Leningrad. After defending a thesis in 1994. Awarded the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences in the specialty 25.00.16 – “Mining and oil and gas field geology, geophysics, surveying and subsoil geometry”.

She worked as a research officer at the Kazakh branch of the All-Russia Scientific-Research Institute of Scientific Research, and at the Institute of Complex Mineral Exploration. The total work experience of L.K. Novikova -32 years (since 1982), scientific and pedagogical – 26 years (since 1987).

He has 43 scientific works.

The spread of oncological diseases in Kazakhstan and their possible connection with the geochemical environment

Ecological and hydrogeological studies of the section “Shubarkolsky

Studying the effect of dynamic loads from mass explosions on coal mines in order to increase the efficiency of using natural resources

Evaluation of the effect of tectonic stresses in order to increase the efficiency of use of natural resources

On the quality of teaching technical disciplines in humanitarian universities

To the problem of the quality of education in modern conditions

She has completed advanced training courses on the GTZ program and has certificates.

1. 13.10.2003 PC- “Technik und Methoden”

2. 11.11.2003 “Datenbankanwendung in wirtschaftliche Facher Facherubergreifendes Unterrichten”

3. September 13, 2004 “Anwendung von Datenbanken Losung von praxisbezogen Aufgaben auf dem Gebiet der Analyze und Planung der Betriebstatigkeit”

4. November 1, 2004 “Netzwergundlagen”

Work phone: 87212 567593

Internal phone: 2037