Kucher Valentina


Senior lecturer, Department Of engineering entrepreneurship and marketing»

Read discipline “logistics”, “Controlling”, ” marketing Management»,
Works in KSTU since 2005.
The parent company”, Karagandaugol” Deputy Director on economy.
The most important publications and presentations in the last five years
Technology services socio-cultural service Studies. manual/ V. N. Kucher, F. M. Isataeva: Karaganda state technical University — Karaganda: Publishing house Kargtu, 2015. 103 PP –
Leumit-cultural servant Ismet Cretu technologies Excellent kraly,/ F. M. Isataeva. V. N. The driver, Karagandy Memlekettik technical University.- Karagandy: Armto baspasy, 2016.
Problems of development of small and medium business of Kazakhstan within the Eurasian space Scientific journal “Questions of economic Sciences” ISSN 1728-8878 № 1 (71) 2015 Moscow, p. 11-13
Consulting services market of Kazakhstan: analysis and prospects of development, journal ” Proceedings of the University, ISSN 1609-1825 №1, 2017, Karaganda, p. 69-73
Status and prospects of insurance marketing development in Kazakhstan, journal ” Proceedings of the University, ISSN 1609-1825 №2, 2018, Karaganda, p. 94-87
Electronic textbook (basic version) on the subject “technology service SCS” Certificate № 5172 from 18.12.2014
Electronic textbook (basic version) on discipline of “Technology service” SKS SIS No. 0044 from G. 08.01.2016
Slide lecture “Subject and objectives of the course” on discipline “Controlling” Certificate N 6143 from 17.02.2016
Electronic textbook “logistics” for students of specialty 5B090400 “Social and cultural service” and 5B051100 “Marketing” in Russian,
Year 2017.

Email: kvnkucher@mail.ru