Isabaeva Meruert Berdeshkyzy

Faculty: fit Academic degree: candidate of chemical Sciences Biography: M. B. Isabaeva born in 1976, Kazakh, higher education, in 1998 graduated from Pavlodar state University.S. Toraigyrov in the specialty “Chemistry. With the qualification of” Teacher”, specialty” Chemistry”A. Graduated from Karsu. Buketova. From 2000 to 2003 she studied at the Institute of organic synthesis and carbon chemistry (full-time) at the full-time Department of postgraduate studies. In 2003 she defended her thesis with the award of the degree of candidate of chemical Sciences. Dissertation work on the synthesis of new biologically active substances based on ephedrine alkaloids in the framework of the fundamental research program of the Institute of organic synthesis and carbon chemistry of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Work experience: he started teaching in 2003-2006 at the Department of “General chemistry” In Karaganda medical Academy.In 2007-2008 he worked as the head of the Department of international cooperation of East Kazakhstan state University.Amanzholova and head of the Department of science and new technologies.Since 2008 he has been working in Karaganda state technical University at the Department of chemistry and chemical technologies as an associate Professor.He has great respect among the teaching staff. Actively engages students to innovation and research. Publications: M. B. Results of scientific activity of Isabayeva are reflected in 30 scientific articles and 1 innovative patent.