Ibraev Marat Kirimbaevich


Faculty: fit
Academic degree: doctor of chemistry
Academic title: Professor

Biography: Education – Kostanay state University. A. baitursynova, specialty “Chemistry”. Works in KSTU since 2008. The number of published scientific papers: 170, including 94 scientific publications, including articles and abstracts in the databases Scopus, RISC, Casbs; 5 patents. The most cited young scientist (2011) according to the International publishing house Springer.
Research work: Permanent participation in projects on grant financing, announced by the Committee of science of the Ministry of education, the National Agency for technological development (NATR), etc.

Under the guidance of 4 theses for the degree of candidate of chemical Sciences, is a permanent head of diploma and master’s scientific works. A member of the dissertation Council at the chemical faculty of the University them. E. A. Buketova on defense of doctoral theses.

Courses taught: “Organic chemistry”, “Basic processes and apparatus of chemical production”, “Fundamentals of chemical technology”, “Physics and chemistry of oil and gas”. Training in the 2014-2015 academic year: courses in JSC “tüv SÜD RUS” on the program “Internal audit of quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9011:2011″, seminar of LLP “technology commercialization Center” of the subject “Fundamentals of technology commercialization”.

Work phone: 56-79-32
Email address: mkibr@mail.ru