Glotov Boris Nikolaevich


Full name, date of birth: Glotov Boris Nikolaevich, October 22, 1951

Work experience: the general experience is 43 years, the scientific and pedagogical experience is 42 years.

Position: Associate Professor at the Department of Transport Engineering and Logistics Systems, Dean of the Faculty of Distance Learning in Absentia.

What university, for what specialty and when he graduated from: Karaganda Polytechnic Institute, “Construction and road machines and equipment” in 1974.

Academic degree, academic title, academic degree: Doctor of Technical Sciences in the specialty 05.05.04 – Road, building and hoisting-and-transport machines, 2010, KSTU, associate professor in the department “Construction and road machines”.

Work in departments, including dates of employment and positions held:

08.1974 – 02.1975 – Trust “Karagandaselstroy number 10″, the base of the UPTK, chief mechanic

03.1975 – 02.1976 – KarPTI, Sectoral laboratory of the Construction and road machines department, senior engineer

02.1976 – 12.1983 – KarPTI, Sectoral laboratory of the Construction and road machines department, senior researcher

12.1983 – 12.1985 – Assistant Department of Construction and road machines

12.1985 – 10.1986 – Senior Lecturer of the Department of Construction and road machines

10.1986 – 07. 2001 – Associate Professor of Construction and road machines

07.2001 – 09.2008 – KSTU, Dean of the Faculty of Actual Education

09.2008 – up to the present – KSTU, dean of the faculty of correspondence – distance learning.

Main research interests:

Creation and study of hydrostatic pulse systems in relation to hand-held percussion machines.

Main publications:

132 scientific papers were published, of which 5 monographs, 45 abstracts of reports, 6 articles – RISC, 8 copyright certificates, 16 patents, 5 SIS; released 4 tutorials.

Subjects read in the academic year: “Hydraulic volume impulse systems”, “Basics of patent research”.


May 2016 – courses “Safety and labor protection”

20.01. – 01/22/2016 – the training seminar “Innovative technologies in educational activities of KSTU”

24 – 25.11. 2017 Republican seminar “Designing educational programs”

February-May 2018 Kaztest Kazakh language courses.

Contact information: 87013809489, slave. tel. 56-42-33, house. tel. 51-16-38

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