Botayeva Ainur Uderbaevna

Ботаевна Айнур Удербаевна_преподаватель каф ИЯ

Specialty Foreign language Foreign language, qualification English. KSU

Degree: master/teacher

-Published article “Common human values” in the Republican scientific-practical conference “Uly Dala jirau” KSTU, Karaganda, December 2017

The article “The role of APS in the development of the energy sector in Kazakhstan” was published in the Republican student scientific and practical conference ” of KSTU, Karaganda, December 2017

Published article “Peculiarities of national advertising in English” in the Scientific Almanac 2018. No. 1-2 (39) “Current Issues of Education and Science”, Tambov May 31, 2018

-Information about  development of competence : (participation in the research and practice and educational seminars)

Academic interests:  Cultural projects «The unity of  three languages» in the republic of Kazakhstan method of the teaching professionally –oriented languages at none –languages faculties

Passed language training at language school “Jipka” Prague