Balabaev Oyum Temirgalievich

Балабаев Оюм Темиргалиевич

Balabaev Oyum Temirgalievich
Biography: In 2002, he graduated from KarGTU with a degree in Transportation Management and Transport Management and was qualified as an engineer in organization and management. Since September 2003, adopted by the assistant of the department “Industrial Transport” KSTU. In December 2003, he entered the postgraduate course at the full-time department with a degree in Mining Machines. Since 2006 she has been working as an assistant, teacher, since September 2008 as a senior teacher in the department “Industrial Transport”. In 2010 he defended his thesis on the specialty 05.05.06 “Mining Machines”, the degree was awarded in March 2011. O. Balabaev is actively engaged in research in the field of transport equipment and technology. He takes an active part in the implementation of scientific research, is a member of the research group in the Republican project AP05132295-OT-18 “Development of a pilot plant with an optimal mixing system and biomass circulation for anaerobic fermentation of various organic waste and biogas production, organic and mineral fertilizers”. He is an expert in educational programs for project No. 585849-ЕРР-1-2017-1-UK-ЕРРКА2-СВНЕ-JР АСІАХІS (Erasmus +) “Improving university teaching in heat and power systems for a cleaner environment with parallel improvements in the development of РһD skills” Every year, under his leadership, students and undergraduates of the specialty “Organization of transport, traffic and transport operation” participate in scientific conferences at various levels, become winners and winners in Republican NIRS competitions. In 2018, received a letter of appreciation from the Rector of KarGTU Ibatov M.K. for active participation in the Youth competition of business projects among students of KSTU. For 2014-2018 39 papers were published, including: 1 article in the journal included in the Scopus database; 1 article in conference materials indexed in the Web of Science databases; 10 publications in editions included in the list of KKSON MES RK; 6 publications in journals included in the RISC database; 3 monographs; 1 textbook recommended by the MES RK; 1 study guide recommended by the ROMS MES RK; 3 textbooks recommended by the KSTU Academic Council; 2 electronic textbooks, the copyright of which is confirmed by the authorized body; 6 patients received. Work phone: 56-75-98

Internal phone: 2051

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