Ayapbergenova Bayan Erkebaeva


Name, date of birth: Ayapbergenova Bayan Erkebaeva09.09.1959.

Phone: 87015541115, 87009852324

Marital status: single

Nationality: kazakh

Place of residence: Karaganda, Mukanova st.. 17, sq. 24

Position: senior lecturer, Smith Department


Karaganda Polytechnic Institute, specialty: “Construction”, 1981;

Karaganda state University. E. A. Buketov,

specialty “Kazakh language and literature”, 2002

Qualifications: engineer-teacher of construction disciplines;

teacher of the Kazakh language

Qualifications: engineer-teacher of construction disciplines;

teacher of Kazakh language and literature

Academic degree, title: no.


Production experience: 1 year

1992 y. – engineer on technical supervision of Housing Repair and Maintenance Enterprises – 11 of Karaganda.

Scientific and pedagogical experience – more than 20 years

1981-1982 y. – engineer of research sector of Karaganda order of Labour red banner Polytechnic Institute.

1982-1984 y. – assistant, senior lecturer of the Department “Building constructions” KarPI.

1984-1987 y. – full-time postgraduate study in the specialty 05.23.01-Building constructions in KarPI.

1987-1991 y. – Junior researcher of the Republican interdepartmental scientific-research laboratory “Casantica” in KarPI.

1993-1998 y. – teacher of construction disciplines of Karaganda industrial and pedagogical College.

1999-2003 y. – teacher of Kazakh language Professional school-26 in Karaganda.

Since 2003 and is currently a senior lecturer of the Department “Construction materials and technologies” of the University;

Advanced training:                                

- 06.05.2015-29.05.2015-Certificate of the center of engineering pedagogy of KSTU ” Training seminar on engineering pedagogy»;

- 30.12.2015 – Certificate # CG 12151202 – digital literacy;

- 30.12.2015-certificate № In 12151203-Basics of the Internet;

-3 0.12.2015 – Certificate no MW 12151204 – Basics Microsoft Word;

- 30.12.2015 – Certificate no: AC 12151205 – Basics in computer aided design and drafting AutoCAD;

- 30.09.2016-Certificate of NGO “Nurly Bilim” – ” Training complex aimed at improving religious literacy»;

- 12.03.2018-16.03.2018 the Certificate №KZ OC 00037 – seminar «Transition to the Latin alphabet: history, problem and prospects»;

- 11.02.19-Certificate № 2036-19-training seminar “intra-University system of quality assurance of education”.

The list of disciplines: Building structures I; Building structures II, building structures III, Survey of construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures; Calculation and strengthening of building structures of buildings and structures; Static tests of building structures of buildings and structures and others.


- scientific journal “Fundamental research “, ISSN 1812-7339;Penza siti; № 3, 2014;

“Analysis of the raw material base of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the production of anti-corrosion and fire-retardant materials”;

- Proceedings of the University (KSTU) №2 2016. Study of the effect of hydrophobic-plasticizing additives on the bonding strength of ” old “concrete with” new»;

- University of labor №2 2018 y. (KSTU). Development of recommendations for improvement of soil properties of long-term operational bases»;

- in the collection of abstracts of the International scientific and practical conference “Integration of science, education and production-the basis of the nation’s implementation plan” (Saginov readings №10) (14-15 June 2018). The University ” prospects of application of robotics in the construction industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan»

Training manual:

- Textbook “Construction”. KSTU, 2011;

- Tutorial laboratory workshop on discipline “Engineering design I”. KSTU, 2013;

- Training manual ” Technology of construction of roads and airfields.” KSTU, 2017;

- Tutorial ” Automated calculations of building structures.” KSTU, 2017;

- Tutorial ” Calculation and design of strengthening of building structures.”   Kstu publishing house, 2017.;

- Training manual ” Design of roads and airfields.” Publisher KSTU, 2018;

- Tutorial ” Automated calculations of building structures “. Almaty, TechSmith, 2018 y.

Certificate of intellectual property:

IP 00723 for №168 from 19 January 2017 “Technology of construction of special facilities” (Electronic textbook).

E-learning developments:

- slide lecture: ” Static tests of buildings and structures” on the discipline of “Static tests of constructions and constructions” (Certificate № 7532 from 20.03.2018 y. University of   KSTU);

- slide lecture: ” Calculation and design of strengthening of building structures” on discipline “Calculation and designing of strengthening of building structures” (Certificate No. 7578 from 09.04.2018 G. University) for the specialty 5B072900-Construction.


kazakh and russian (fluent), german (intermediate).