Aubekerov Nariman Aubekerovich


Full name, date of birth: Aubekerov Nariman Aubekerovich, December 29, 1938 of birth.

Work experience: total length of service -60 years, scientific and pedagogical experience is 56 years.

Position: Professor of the Department “Transport equipment and logistics systems”

What university, for what specialty and when he graduated: Kazakh State Agricultural Institute, 1960

Academic degree, academic title, academic degree: Candidate of Technical Sciences

Work in departments, including dates of employment and positions held:

1960 – 1964 Lecturer, Department of Tractors and Automobiles of the Kazakh State Agricultural Institute.

1964 – 1967 – full-time postgraduate study of the Moscow Automobile and Highway Institute at the Department of Automobiles.

From 1967 to 1993 worked as an assistant, senior lecturer, associate professor, head of the department “Automobile Transport” at KSTU.

1993-2002 – Professor, Head of the Department of “Automobile Transport” of the Almaty Road Institute (since 1996, KazATK) .

From 2002 to the present – Professor of the Department of “Transport equipment and logistics systems”.

Main research interests: scientific and technical basis for ensuring the operational reliability of cars

Main publications: more than 150 papers

Items read in the school year:

Training: -

Contact details: office. 56-59-32 (ext. 2049)

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