Alzhanova Ainur Yrysovna


Name:Alzhanova Ainur Yrysovna

Faculty: Mechanical Engineering
Department of Foreign Languages

Academic degree:Master of Education


Date of birth: 23.11.1986 y.


Zhezkazgan Humanitarian College: 2002-2006.Major: Foreign language. Qualification: Teacher of foreign language in primary school.

Karaganda State University named after E.A. Buketov: 2006-2009.Major: Two foreign languages (English). Degree: BA

Kazakh engineering Academy, Zhezkazgan: 2010-2012. Major: Economics. Degree: BA Economics.

Central – Kazakhstan Academy, Karaganda:2017-2019. Major: Philology. Degree: Master of Philology

Work Experience:

09.2006-07.2007гг. – School №9, Teacher of English.

09.2009-07.2011. – Zhezkazgan College of Business and Transportation, position of a teacher of English and Head of the students’ Department.

09.2011 – 09.2019 – College of Foreign Languages, Karaganda (position of a teacher of English and special disciplines).

2017 (September-October) – «222 Advanced training and retraining of personnel of state organizations (position of a trainer).

2018 (February-December) – «222 Advanced training and retraining of personnel of state organizations (position of an adviser).

2019 (February-June) – Advanced training program «Teacher of the XXI century» on the development of Levels A1,A2,B1,B2 and CLIL for teachers of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, within introduction of trilingual education in secondary education, (position of a trainer).

09.2019 – present – Central – Kazakhstan Academy, university professor.