Alzhanov Marat Kaydarovich

Альжанов М.К.

Faculty: machine-building

Academic degree: PhD in Technological Sciences, associate professor

Position: associate professor “Nanotechnologies and metallurgy”


Was born in 1954.

Graduated in 1976 from mekhaniko-technological faculty of the Karaganda polytechnical institute in foundry production of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Began work the shift foreman of melting department of iron workshop of the Pavlodar tractor plant. Worked more than 20 years at Chemical and metallurgical institute of Zh. Abishev at scientific work. After the end of full-time postgraduate study in 1988 defended the dissertation for a degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences at the Moscow institute of steel and alloys.

Scientific interests are: theory and technology of metallurgical processes, metallurgical heat engineering, heat exchange, mechanics of bulk cargoes, technological processes and devices, processing and enrichment of mining raw materials, technological audit of the industrial enterprises, examination of processes and installations, development of technical and technological documentation, development of standards and regulations, mining and metallurgical subjects, questions of drying and heating of mineral and organic materials.

More than 200 scientific publications, including monographs, textbooks, manuals, patents are the author.

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Internal phone number: 1082

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