Akimbekova Nuriya Nuretdinovna

First name, middle name, last name Nuriya Nuretdinovna Akimbekova
Date of birth 1958
Phone number 8-776-5227755, e-mail: nuriya1958@inbox.ru.
Position – Associated professor on the Mining aerology and Occupational Safety department
Education: Moscow Polygraph Institute, technology of polygraph production, 1986, doctor of technical science, associate professor.
Work in the unit: from 2010, teacher, senior teacher, associate professor.
Work in other units and organizations: Production and Printing Association “Offset”, Process Engineer (1986-1997), “Depression Service” LLP, Process Engineer (1997-2000), Karaganda State Technical University , Department of Mining Aerology and Occupational Safety (2000-till now), Associate Professor.
Main research interests: life safety, industrial safety, labor protection, fire safety, certification of workplaces.
Main publications over the past 5 years:
The influence of aerodynamic parameters of mine workings on the state of ventilation and safety of coal mines. Bulletin of EKSTU named after D. Serikbaev, Ust-Kamenogorsk, no. 2 (80), 2018; 17-21 (co-authors: G. Saparova, M. Baituganova, M. Kakenova).
Investigation of the effect of degassing seams, composition and properties of coal on the dust content of the mine air. Bulletin of EKSTU named after D. Serikbaev, no. 2 (80), 2018; 14-27 p. (co-authors: N. Zholmagambetov, N. Medeubayev, A. Akhmetova).
Application of an expert method for assessing the risk of accidents at mining enterprises. University Papers, Karaganda, KSTU, no. 3 (68), 2017; 50-54 p. (co-authors: G. Sattarova, M. Baituganova).
Aspiration system dust airduct movements features. University Papers, Karaganda, KSTU, no. 3 (68), 2017; 59-62 p. (co-authors: N. Zholmagambetov, N. Medeubayev, S. Zholmagambetov).
Operational Injuits Analysis Technigue. Medwell Journals, no. 10 (6), 2015; 230 – 238 p. (co-authors: E. Komleva, N. Medeubayev, M. Baituganova).
Influence of aerodynamic parameters of ventilation workings and pipelines on improving the safety of industrial enterprises. Monograph, Karaganda, KSTU, 2016. ISBN 978-601-315-128-1.
Membership in scientific and professional societies: no
Awards: Diploma of the MES RK.
Subjects and courses teaching in the autumn semester
Fire safety (lectures – 1 hour per week, practical classes – 2 hours per week).
Hygienic certification of workplaces (lectures – 1 hour per week, practical classes – 2 hours per week).
Legal and organizational security of life (lectures – 1 hour per week, practical classes – 2 hours per week).
Prediction of the consequences of natural and man-made emergencies (lectures – 3 hours per week).
Other responsibilities: responsible for educational and methodical complexes of the Faculty of distance learning
2 Clarivate Analytics webinars for scientific research (November 2018);
Translation of experience in the framework of the VII Eurasian Forum of Higher Education Leaders Sessions (June 2018)
Engineering pedagogy seminar (May 2017)