Akashev Zakir Tahavievich

Date of birth: 28.12.1935

Academic degree, academic title: doctor of technical Sciences – 1993, Professor – 2002.

Teaching at the University: 22 years

Education: electrification and automation of mining engineer, electrical engineer (1958),

Professional development in the field of pedagogy for the last 5 years (year, theme, place PC + copy of the certificate) :

1) ” Innovations and ways to improve telecommunication systems “(36 hours)

2)” Қазақстан мобильді байланыс нарығында ақпараттық озат технологиялар” (36 hours)

3)“Introduction to GSM’’

4) “Portfolio of the company x NET’, ” Switches. Routers. Basics of network construction “”Cisco Service contracts”, ”Comparative review of HP,Cisco,IBM, Fuji servers”, ” data storage Systems. SAN networks”, “Microsoft SOFTWARE”, “uninterruptible power supply of APC”, ” video surveillance Solutions” (72 hours)

Professor, doctor of technical Sciences. He published 115 scientific works, 20 of which are copyright certificates for inventions, 7 monographs (2 in Kazakh, 5 in russian). Trained four doctors of technical Sciences. He was awarded two diplomas and gratitude of the Minister of education of the Kazakh SSR. Lectures on the discipline “Switching Systems” and etc.


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