Abdrasheva Aigerim Saikenovna


Full Name, date of birth: Abdrasheva Aigerim Saikenovna, born in 1987

Phone, e-mail: +7-747 668 68 10, 6006268@mail.ru

Position: assistant of the Department of “Mining aerology and labor protection”.

Education: Pavlodar state University, 2010, bachelor. Pavlodar state University, 2012, master.

Work in the Department from 03.09.2018

Work in other departments: PSU. S. Toraigyrov. Department of OOS and OOS, 2013-2018.

Main research interests: life safety, environmental protection.

Major publications in the last 5 years:

“Slide lecture calculation of forces and means in extinguishing a fire”.

Disciplines and courses:

fall semester:

-       Labor protection (laboratory classes-24 hours a week);

-       Basics of life safety and labor protection (laboratory classes-4 hours a week);

-       Occupational safety management system (seminars – 2 hours per week).

spring semester:

-       Labor protection (laboratory classes-2 hours per week, seminars – 1 hour per week);

-       Fundamentals of life safety and labor protection (laboratory classes-8 hours a week);

-       Life safety and labor protection (laboratory classes-4 hours a week);

-       Fire safety (seminars – 2 hours per week);

-       Life safety (seminars-1 hour per week);

-       Engineering safety of work and life (seminars – 1 hour per week);

-       Examination of industrial safety of production facilities (seminars – 2 hours a week);

-       Emergency rescue (seminars-2 hours a week);

-       Fire tactics (seminars – 2 hours a week).

Other tasks: international accreditation in 2019

Advanced training:

-       3 online seminars on the topic of the seminar were held:

-       Practical recommendations for publications in international journals

-       Information AIDS for authors of scientific publications

-       Information tools for the analysis of scientific activity.