Avilova Elena Konstantinovna

Авилова фото
Education: higher education (2005), Karaganda State Technical University, second higher education – Karaganda State University. Buketova (2002). Working

time in this university is 16 years.

Academic experience: Karaganda State Technical University, Secondary School No. 49.

Mandatory disciplines – “design of advertising and printing products”,” Vector and raster graphics”,”3x marble graphics”.

The most important publications and presentations for the last five years – the name, co-authors (if available), where it was made and / or presented, the date of publication or presentation:
1.”development and application of complex automated kinematic, dynamic and final analysis methods to solve the tasks of engineering”. Co-Authored By A. M. Terletskaya, N. R. Raits, I. G. Limareva, E. K. Fomicheva. Scientific and Technical Bulletin of St. Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and optics, 2011, No. 6 (76).
2. Educational address “fundamentals of design”. Co-Authors: Kokkoz M. M., Murykh E. L.
3. Educational address” design of advertising and printing products ” co-author: Kokkoz M. M.
4. Textbook edition “reliability of Computer Systems” co-author: Shodyrova B. H.