Bazarbayev Medet Ryshanovich


Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management

Position teacher of the department of the ANC and the SRS


Scientific title — Master of Arts in Religious Studies.

Place of study: 2005-2010. — graduated from the Bachelor of Science and Technology University “Bolashak” with a degree in Kazakh language and literature.

2016-2018 — graduated from the magistracy at the «University of Foreign Languages ​​and Business Career» (UYALK) in the specialty of humanitarian sciences «Religious Studies».

Achievement: in 2018 defended the master’s dissertation on the topic «Alash zyalylyryn Islam Islam dіnіne kөzқarasy».

He worked in a specialized school number 7 named «Zhambyl» for the position of head of education.

Work phone: 56-69-32

Internal phone: 2052